Recollections of Vietnam

Aircraft of the Vietnam War

Caribou Pictures
Parked in the Dirt Parked in the Mud Dalat Cam Ly An Thoi Caribou Air Conditioning
Bad Landing Caribou Engine Brake Problem Caribou Flaps Gia Nghia
Bullet Holes in a Bou Cockpit Pilot's Panel Center Panel Lima Lima
Loading a Bou Unloading Rockets Unloading Rockets Part 2 Caribou Runway Bou Augmentors
Landing at
Plateau Gi
Fueling Bou Prop Long Range Fuel C-130 Under the Wing
Caribou Rudder Replacement       The End of the Trail

Other Pictures of Aircraft
Air America Caribou Air America C-46 Puff The Magic Dragon AC-47s at Phu Cat Air Vietnam DC-3
AC-130, Ubon AC-130 AC-130 Front View AC-130 Crew  
A-1E A-1H Chinook Cobra C-123
UC-123K C-123 Wreckage C-130 C-130 at
An Thoi
Speed Offload
C-5A Colonel's Transport Navy DC-3 EC-47 F-100 Phan Rang
Freedom Bird The Huey Ky's Personal Transport O-2A O2-B
O-2B In Flight OV-1 Mohawk OV-10 OV-10 at
Cam Ranh
HC-130 and HH-53 The Porter Shorts Skyvan Super Jolly Green YO-3
YO-3 Wrecks YO-3 Wreckage YO-3 Total Loss 1 YO-3 Total Loss 2 RAAF

(Always more on the way!)

Revised: 17 October 2005