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Foreword by Skip Tannery

The Pictures

I enlisted in the U. S. Air Force in January, 1966, after receiving my "Greetings" letter from the Draft Board.    In April, 1966 I went from delayed enlistment status to active duty and was sent to Amarillo Air Force Base, Texas for four weeks of Basic Training.     After Basic, I went to Sheppard AFB, Texas for Aircraft Maintenance Tech School.    My first PCS out of Tech School was at Kirkland AFB, New Mexico, where I was trained to be a Crew Chief on C-47 and T-29 aircraft.  After only 6 months of O.J.T. in New Mexico, I was on my way to Clark Air Base in the Philippines, where I attended a 2 week school on the C-123 aircraft.

In March 1967, I arrived at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon, South Viet Nam, and was assigned to the 19th Air Commando Squadron.  I was an assistant Crew Chief on the C-123K aircraft and we flew missons throughout the Southern part of  South Viet Nam.  In July 1967, I was part of a group from our squadron sent to  Nakhon Phanom, Thailand (NKP). We supported the "Candlestick Mission",  which flew flair support for the fighters over the Ho Chi Minh Trail, crossing thru Laos and Cambodia.   This was very good duty as we only had three  C-123B's  to take care of.    After only 2 months we were sent back to our squadron at Tan Son Nhut and  back to the reality of war.

In late January 1968 the TET offensive began.  Our base, along with most installations and cities in South Viet Nam, came under constant rocket attacks 24 hours a day.  In February 1968, our C-123's were moved to Phan Rang Air Base, for better protection and I spent my last week "in country" there.

On March 1, 1968, I caught a Military hop on a C-141A headed for Dover Air Force Base, Delaware.    Most everyone flew in and out of "country" on chartered civilian airlines, but most of those flights had been suspended at that time because of the constant attacks on the base.

My next PCS was Forbes AFB, Kansas, where I was assigned to the 1st FM Squadron. After two years at Forbes, I was discharged and I moved back home to Lubbock Texas.    In March of 1972, I reenlisted and was assigned to the 316th TAW at Langley AFB, Virginia.  There I worked as an Aero Repair mechanic on the C-130E acft.     Three years later I got orders for my 2nd tour to Viet Nam and, after declining  the "opportunity", was honorably discharged .

After my active duty career, I worked at Reese AFB, Texas,  (Civil Service) for 15 years, on the T-37 & T-38 aircraft.  In my 22 years associated with the U. S. Air Force , I worked on C-47, T-29, C-123K, C-130E, T-37B and T-38A acft.

Saigon Presidential Palace Military Monument in Saigon
Saigon Street Saigon Traffic Cops
Saigon Food Vendors Saigon Taxi
Headquarters 7th Air Force Tan Son Nhut Mail Facility
Laundry Day New Barracks
Jacking a C-123 Nose Gear R-2800
C-123 Cowlings Fireguard on Number Two
Cranking Number One C-123 Cockpit
C-123 Cargo Bay C-123 Troop Seats
C-123 Troop Drop Mission C-123 Taxi Out
Hostile Fire The White Whale 1
The White Whale 2 Mysterious Civilians
Fuelers C-123B At NKP
RAF Argosy RF-105
AC-130 Spectre UH-1 "Kits"
AH-1 Cobra CH-47 Chinook
ICC Boeing 307 OV-1 Mohawk
Binjo Ditch Barracks Bunker
Sandbagging The Barracks Vung Tau
C-123Ks At Phan Rang Coming Home!

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